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Checkmate | Christ Will Rule Forever!"

Theme: Inspired by Revelation 11:15, our church celebrates the enduring sovereignty of Christ with the "Checkmate | Christ Will Rule Forever!" theme. This bundle reflects our commitment to faith and the powerful message of Christ's eternal rule.


Bundle Contents:

  • Apparel Choice:

    • T-Shirt (Sizes S-XL: $25, Sizes 2X-3X: $27)
    • Hoodie (Sizes S-XL: $35, Sizes 2X-3X: $38)
    • CrewNeck (Sizes S-XL: $35, Sizes 2X-3X: $38)

Remember, wearing these items is not just about fashion; it's a statement of our faith and a celebration of Christ's eternal kingship. Join us in this unique expression of our belief!


Excluding Sales Tax
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